Union Square Residences: Redefining Luxury Living in the Heart of Singapore

Union Square Residences redefine luxury living in Singapore’s heart. These residences are
part of an iconic mixed-use development. They don’t only serve as living spaces; they also
embody urban vibrancy and contemporary elegance in beautiful surroundings. This
comprehensive guide examines key factors that make Union Square Residences an excellent
choice for homebuyers and real estate enthusiasts.
A Key Part of Singapore’s Urban Renewal Plan
Union Square is more than just a residential area. It is a key part of Singapore’s urban renewal
plan and forms a part of URA’s Strategic Development Incentive scheme on the former
Central Square at 20 Havelock Road. City Developments Limited (CDL) is a developer
renowned for its architectural expertise. They have planned union square residences
An Exemplary Mixed-Use Development
Union Square Residences are more than just a residential development. The mixed-use
development combines working, living, and leisure under the same roof. Retail, commercial,
and hospitality elements that complement its residential towers are a perfect example of the
holistic approach. The result is a vibrant, active community.

City Developments Limited: Pioneers of Sustainable Urban Living
City Developments Limited, one of the most prominent developers in Union Square
Residences, is a member of City Developments Limited. Over 50 years in the industry.
Innovation, excellence, and sustainability practices are recognized. CDL operates residential
properties, hotels and serviced apartments, shopping malls and integrated developments in 29
countries. They are dedicated to improving the environmental and social well-being of the
communities they serve.
The design and operation of Union Square Residences by CDL demonstrate its commitment
to sustainable urban life. The pioneering spirit of the CDL has also been demonstrated by
their creation of iconic spaces. Union Square Residences are a new benchmark for the real
estate market. CDL creates living spaces that blend luxury and sustainability. Union Square
Residences is more than an address. Here, residents enjoy a lifestyle that is modern.
Prime Location and Connectivity
Register to receive updates about the Union Square Residences site plan, elevation chart,
floor plans, and balance units chart. Union Square Residences in Singapore, at 20 Havelock
Road offers residents the best city life. This residence is located in the heart of Singapore’s
business district. It is also close to fine dining, shops, and cultural attractions. The residence
is easily accessible via public transport and cultural institutions like museums. Union Square
Residences are not only centrally situated, but they’re also an attractive place to live.
Singapore is a vibrant city where residents can experience all it has to offer. Outram Park
MRT Station offers access to many train routes, allowing quick travel around Singapore. The
major expressways make driving a breeze and add an extra layer of accessibility. Union
Square Residences are the ideal place for families and individuals.
Modern Amenities and Community Involvement
Union Square Residences is a unique combination of modern amenities, sustainable features,
and community involvement. Urbanites who want to live a dynamic lifestyle in the heart of
Singapore will love this combination. Union Square Residences offer a variety of modern
amenities including eco-friendly features and smart home technology. The community is also
very strong.

Luxurious Showflat Experience
Union Square Resident Showflat offers luxurious living in Singapore. This development,
located in a prestigious neighborhood, promises to be much more than a home. It’s a unique
experience. It is important to book your appointment at least one-day in advance for the
showflat. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you get the best viewing
experience. It will save you from disappointment in the event of any delays caused by
developer events, meetings, or cleaning.
City Developments Limited CDL offers a simple and user-friendly portal to make it easy for
you to schedule an appointment. Buyers who register to view showflats can benefit from the
Direct Developer Pricing. No commissions are payable. CDL will assign remaining units on a
“first-come-first-served” basis, unless they were reserved in advance. Our team will hold the
unit for you temporarily, up to 3 hours, if you wish to reserve it before your visit. Please be
aware that the policy can change at any moment.
Exclusive Living Opportunities
Please be aware that Union Square Residences may alter their prices without prior notice. It’s
a wonderful opportunity to live in luxurious surroundings. This is a great opportunity to live
in luxury. Join the few select residents who call Union Square Residences home to
experience a lifestyle unmatched in Singapore. Register your interest with our sales team by
calling 61008187.