LLC Resolution to Sell Real Estate – How I Sold My House With An LLC.

LLC’s are popular for many reasons. People use them because they are a flexible tool for making business ownership easier or to make it possible for people to work from home without having to pay taxes. They also offer protections that many HOAs cannot. In addition, LLCs can be used to sell real estate to investors without having to sell the property following the usual process.

I was never very interested in learning about how LLCs work and all of the benefits they offer until I decided I wanted to sell my house with an LLC. I had just bought my first home, but before I could move in and get started on my renovations, I needed cash. So what did I do? Well, since there were no other options that seemed feasible, I filed and sold my house in an LLC with less than 24 hours of listing it on the MLS!


How to Structure an LLC 

In order to sell real estate with an LLC, you must first file the Articles of Organization. This document is used to establish the rules and regulations for your business, such as what it will be called, the purpose, the number of members and managers, etc. The Articles of Organization should be filed with the state in which you are operating.

After you have filed your Articles of Organization, you need to decide how many members and managers that your LLC has so that it can operate smoothly.

There are a few different types of members in an LLC:

– One member – A single person who owns all the shares in an LLC and manages it entirely on their own

– Two or more members – A group of people who each own one-third (or half) of all shares in an LLC, but they each manage it on their own

– Three or more members – A group of people who each own one-third (or half) of all shares in an LLC and share management responsibilities equally


What it takes to sell your house through an LLC

To sell your house through an LLC, you first have to create an LLC. This is fairly easy and takes only a couple of minutes to complete, but you’ll need to do it correctly. Next, you’ll need to list your property on the MLS and start looking for a buyer. However, this procedure may not be as speedy as people would like it to be.


What are the benefits of selling your home with an LLC?

I had a lot of easy access to cash with the sale of my house. I was living in the house during the sale process, and it meant I didn’t have to worry about any extra taxes I might have had to pay if I had sold my home using a traditional process.

Beyond that, there are more benefits associated with selling your home using an LLC rather than having it go through a traditional process like selling on the MLS. For example, if you wanted to sell your property to investors without having them be able to live there, you could use an LLC as a way of doing that. You require to make sure you’re obeying all local regulations and laws before doing so.


Considerations for selling your house through an LLC

Before you decide to sell your house through an LLC, there are a few things to consider.

The decision on whether or not the sale will be conducted as a private-party transaction or as an investment is dependent on the type of property being sold and the amount of equity being sought.

If you’re selling a residential home, you’ll need to make sure that selling in an LLC won’t negatively impact your ability to sell it at some point in the future. If you want to sell it while retaining all of your rights as an owner and keeping all of the equity you’ve earned from owning it, then you’ll need to find a buyer who will agree with this arrangement.

An important consideration for any seller is whether or not they can use the sale proceeds for the purpose intended. You’ll have to consider how much time will elapse between signing on behalf of the LLC and receiving payment from your buyer. The sale agreement also has implications for tax liability, so keep those factors in mind when deciding if this is a good option for you.


The cost of selling your home 

Selling your home with an LLC is a cost-effective option for newlyweds and young professionals who want to avoid taxes and have the flexibility of working from home. The highest costs related to selling real estate via an LLC are filing fees, which vary from state to state. In my case, I had to pay $450 in filing fees in addition to the standard MLS listing fees.

In addition, there are additional fees associated with using real estate agents who work with LLCs, so the total cost of selling your home with an LLC can be quite high if you use this option.


The cost of selling your home in an LLC 

One of the benefits of an LLC is that it can help you sell your home without having to pay transfer taxes.

This is because LLCs are not taxed separately from the personal assets and liabilities within the company, whereas a regular corporation would be treated as a separate entity for tax purposes. The result? A lower cost of selling your home in an LLC.

Whether you sell your home with a corporation or an LLC, you’ll need to follow certain steps. If you are selling the home in an LLC, you’ll need to register with the state in which you live. Then, someone will need to be on the LLC’s board of directors. If you are selling the home through a corporation, you’ll need to register with the state in which you live, and then someone will need to be on the business’s board of directors. Once these steps are taken, your house should be ready to sell!