The Real Estate Listing Tips That Will Work Miracles For Your Business

The legalization of cannabis in many states has led to unprecedented growth in cannabis real estate. Venturing into cannabis real estate is challenging but equally lucrative.

Research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) established that 88% of buyers purchased their property through a real estate agent or broker. In addition, the study found that a single real estate agent only interviewed 73% of property buyers. 

The study’s finding shows the importance of creating awareness and getting noticed by potential buyers as quickly as possible. Thus, a real estate agent needs to have a solid mastery of marketing techniques. As a cannabis realtor, you could be wondering how you can reap the full benefits of cannabis real estate listings.

 I’ve gathered some ideas to help you promote your business through an effective listing. Whether you’re getting started or a seasoned cannabis realtor seeking to get the attention of new clients, these real estate listing tips will work out miracles for you. 

Build a strong network

Getting listings as a cannabis realtor requires you to build a strong network. It would help if you learned how to create and maintain relationships. Most real estate agents start by reaching out to the people they know, such as family, friends, and colleagues. When coming together with these people, you can talk about cannabis real estate, and reveal to them that you are in business. They may not be interested at the moment but may know someone who is in the market seeking a cannabis property.

As a realtor in cannabis real estate, you can apply warm and cold calling techniques to create more leads for listings.

Utilize good SEO practices

Searching Engine Optimization is a strong tool for getting your cannabis real estate listings noticed online. To make this work, you must conduct vigorous keyword research and select the appropriate keywords or phrases that narrowly define our listings. This enables your target niche audience to find your listing in search results easily. 

As a cannabis realtor, you can use keyword phrases with about two to four words and may include terms such as neighborhood, state or city where your listing is located. You should place yourself in the customer’s position and consider what they are likely searching for. Then you should include the keyword in your listing and marketing materials.

Google is designed to provide the most relevant and valuable results for search queries. Keyword tools and platforms can help you find the words and phrases that are mostly searched in a specific field. The following tools can help you get the right keywords for your listing as a cannabis realtor.  

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool
  • Microsoft Bing Ads Intellig
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • SEMrush

Take Perfect photos

Visual representation is vital if you want your listing to attract potential buyers into your listing. You should ensure that you take perfect photos that exemplify the most outstanding aspects of the cannabis property in your listing. 

Therefore, instead of just taking a few photos with your mobile phone, buy or hire a decent camera and artificial lighting and take professional photos. You may also get trained on how to take incredible photos. However, you can hire a professional photographer if you do not have time to take the photos.

Take Advantage of the Social Media

Social media has become a strong marketing tool for almost all businesses. If you are a cannabis realtor, it is prudent to take advantage of the power of social media in popularizing your listing. You should ensure that you share a short preview of your new listing across all your social media platforms.

When using this strategy, post periodic updates on the developments of the properties in your listings on Instagram (the most appropriate channel to share property photos). In addition, don’t forget to tag the location and relevant keywords and use hashtags, for example, #miamicannabisrealestate. 

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the chances are that you‘re connected with numerous friends, family or colleagues. A quick, simple post informing people of your existing listings and requesting any tips on people who might be in the market can help you find that elusive client. 

Utilize your email list

An email is an effective tool in helping you present your listings to potential clients, thus harnessing its power. You should send monthly newsletters of your blog content while reaching out to your contacts when you have new cannabis property listings. The newsletter should include photos of the properties and a link to the full listing. A walkthrough video of the property would also go a long way in persuading your prospective clients.

Contact your network 

While using online resources to market, your listing is effective; you should not underestimate the power of personal contact. From time to time, it is important to abandon your computer and get into the actual world to market your cannabis listings. 

In real estate, everyone is a potential client. Therefore, start by contacting the people you are familiar with. When you meet your friends or family over coffee, ensure that you inform them about your listings. Probably they might be interested or know another person in the market. 

Do not stop telling as many people as you can about your listings. Contacting more and more people increases your chances of finding someone with a real interest in cannabis real estate. Personal connection is extremely important in any real estate business since the connections you make through your listing can open more opportunities for you. 

You can even invite some friends and inform them about what you seek to accomplish through your listing. You can request them to help you find a buyer during these meetings. 

Your network may also include past clients who happily purchased a cannabis property from you. Previous clients are an important network to connect with because they might know someone who is in the market for a cannabis property. So ensure that you create a list of clients that have bought the property from your listings and contact them from time to time, asking if they know an interested buyer. 

Marketing your cannabis real estate listing can be challenging, but with the right techniques, you will easily navigate the market. Whether you are an experienced cannabis realtor or just getting started, there are always new things that can help you market your listing easily and effectively.