How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate?


Are you planning to get into commercial real estate? Learn how can you get inside and what kind of potential income you can earn.

On the top of it all, the primary question is why do you want to be into commercial real estate?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty much important because many people get inside and find themselves suddenly stuck and unhappy. Obviously, the fundamental purpose of commercial real estate is money. If this is your goal, then why do you not go for the residential estate? Hence, you must find an answer of entering into the commercial real estate


Long Awaited Deals

If you are going to be a commercial real estate agent, then you must have to be patient. The reason is that commercial deals involve a huge amount and requires a lot of time before a deal goes through. For instance, if you are going to secure a $5 million – deal for a shopping center, it will take a lot more time than a $1 million-deal for a house.

Of course, you’ll get more money in the deal of a shopping center than the deal of a house. However, you’ll get a low number of annual contracts in commercial real estate.


Commercial Real Estate Courses

If you have decided to come into the commercial real estate industry, then the best option is to enroll in a professional course.

Let’s discuss some of the courses that can boost your commercial real estate career:

General Brokerage

In this course, you’ll learn how commercial agents represent the buyers and sellers. You are not an employee of a company; instead, you are a real agent of the buyer or the seller. You work for the commission.

You can also make a specialization in the retail, office, and investment. You can choose the specialization depending upon the need of the market.



In this course, you’ll learn how you can work in the different development segments. You can work in the leasing, construction, and management. You’ll become a development staff where you have the authority to purchase a land and build something on it as an agent. In addition, you’ll be assisting your client to arrange the finance, and dealing with lease.


Property Management

You ‘ll come across the techniques to maintain a property. Once a building has been completed, you have to look after the day to day operations of the property. In this case, you’ll be paid a salary and you may not be able to earn heaps of money. You’ll also be responsible for the repair work and cleanliness of the property.

Nevertheless, you can make a better use of free space. For example, you can rent warehouse space to earn extra money for the owner and you’ll get a reward for it.

All in all, apart from the education, you must gain knowledge about your local market. You must have to learn the different terms of the commercial property that are prevailing in your market. For example, if you are living in Connecticut, you must know what CT MLS flat fee is. On a good note, commercial real estate is a money making industry. You can become a millionaire in just a few deals but it depends on your luck and hard work. For more information on all the things we talked about here be sure to head here:


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